Bovey City Council

October 15, 2020

    Last week’s Bovey City Council meeting was held virtually on Zoom where Civil Engineer Karin Grandia represented the Itasca County Engineering Department on the State 169/County 61 crosswalk improvement. Grandia said they had retained a consultant to study the location and that authority determined the current location is the optimal place for a crossing. 

    Grandia described the safety improvements as rapid flashing beacons on an overhead beam that would be activated on demand by pedestrians. A stop sign will also be placed on the County 61 right turn lane so drivers on 169 can focus their attention on the crosswalk. 

    Other details on the crosswalk include an advanced warning signal and eliminating the sidewalk south of the lift station. Council Member Bryan Johnson mentioned the speeding traffic at that intersection and wanted to know why they can’t get a “YOUR SPEED IS” sign. Engineer Grandia said they measured the cross traffic from 32 miles per hour to 66 mph and she said to get a driver feedback semaphore, they would have to appeal to the district office in Duluth. 

    Police Chief Bill Hollum requested two resolutions to update the procedures manual. Council members voted to adopt the use of deadly force as well as the new eyewitness identification policy to reflect the new state mandate. In other news, the 2015 Dodge Ram 1500 patrol vehicle is back on duty after having the original engine replaced with a factory long-block for $8,122.

    Council members voted to spend $5,362 of the CARES Act money to provide a video conference system with a big screen monitor for the club room in city hall to satisfy the open meeting law amidst the COVID-19 restrictions. 

    In other business, the council: 

    • Accepted the resignation of Police Officer Todd Lawson.

    • Tabled a vote on an air exchange system for city hall to use $44,758 of Bovey’s COVID-19 relief money.

    • Approved a payment request for lifeguards at Cotton Beach for $1,500.

    • Gave permission for Chief Hollum to advertise for a full-time police officer.

    • Agreed to place the old street sweeper on a minimum bid of $4,000.

    • Voted to approve a Joint Powers Agreement with the State of Minnesota and the Bovey Police.

    • Approved the low bid on a new Boss 9’ 2” DXT V-Plow for $7,875 from Northland Off-Road.

Bovey City Council

April 30, 2020

    At last week’s Bovey City Council meeting, council members did not actually meet in person, but joined in a virtual meeting made possible by the computer network in order to practice social distancing and sheltering-at-home due to the corona virus emergency. All council members were accounted for by using personal computers at home, each equipped with a small camera to provide an audio and visual feed in real time. The face of each participant could be seen in small boxes inset on the right side of the monitor and conversation was universally received. Participants could log-on using an access code and residents could access the meeting through the Bovey City Website.

    Sarah Carling from CEDC was on the network to give an update on the New Playground Project. Carling is planning some fundraisers this year to be able to push forward on the new playground project in the area north of the old middle school. In a telephone interview, Sarah Carling indicated that planning fundraisers is problematic with the social distancing in place, and not knowing if the distancing standard will be relaxed during the summer. 

    Carling said they are actively seeking committee members for the playground project. The Playground Committee is also wanting feedback from area youth as to what kind of playground equipment they would like to see installed. CEDC is partnering with the Boys and Girls Club and is asking for resident volunteers to help construct the playground, said Carling. Any citizen willing to help make North Bovey a more hospitable place can reach Sarah Carling at 398-6400 or 

    In other business, the council:

    • Approved an unpaid leave of absence for a city worker.

    • Voted to give a liquor license to the new owner of Mike’s Bar.

    • Learned that 90 percent of the refuse left in the communal dumpster after spring cleaning was material that was not authorized and the cost to empty dumpsters can be as much as $700 for each.

    • Agreed to hire a police officer on a part-time basis.

    • Gave permission to install eight more LED lights in the public library.

Bovey Council mulls rising pit water problem

February 27, 2020

    At last week’s Bovey City Council Meeting, Mike Foss reported from the Western Mesabi Mine Planning Board meeting where the Canisteo’s pit water problem was on the agenda. 

    The hydrologist at the mine planning board meeting confirmed the fact that the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources recognizes that the rising pit water in the two legacy pits of the Canisteo and the Hill Annex will cause flooding in their adjacent towns in about two or three years. 

    The plan of directing pit water into the Prairie River was abandoned after it was determined the pit water was not compatible with the wild rice in the river. Counselors discussed the possibility that local officials should assemble an envoy and travel to St. Paul to seek funding from the state of Minnesota’s $1.3 billion surplus to help mitigate pit-water flooding on the West Range.

    In other business, the council:

    • Voted to approve disbursements and meeting minutes for January.

    • Expressed the need to issue a start date for union negotiations. 

Bovey City Council

October 10, 2019

    At last week’s Bovey City Council meeting, guest speaker Don Winter gave a progress update on his property.

    City Engineer John D. Mattonen of JPJ Engineering submitted his monthly report documenting his attempt to initiate various capital improvement projects. Mattonen also mentioned the fact that the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has still not yet reviewed the Response Action Plan for the 16-acre former gun club property on the east end of Bovey. The gun club property has already been checked and cleared for toxic substances on site. The property in question evidently needs to be given approval by the MPCA before it can be developed.

    Public Works Supervisor Kevin Odden reported that the new owner of the former Jasper-Connor middle school has requested that city water be reconnected to the building. Odden stated that former owner was planning to raze the structure and the water main was capped-off in 2015. Odden also reported leaks in the roof of the Bovey City Hall due to dried-up and cracked caulking in the joints on the flat part of the roof. Odden indicated that he was not able to inspect the angled part of the roof for similar problems. In other news, Mr. Odden announced that he has applied for two separate grants for the Playground Upgrade Project. Also, it was noted that Waste Management has donated the first load of garbage left over from the Bovey Farmer’s Day. 

    In other business, the council:

    • Voted to have up to 5 members in the Playground Upgrade Project.

    • Voted to approve Resolution 19-1002.

Bovey City Council

July 25, 2019

 At last week’s Bovey City Council Meeting, Planning and Zoning Officer Mike Foss reported that a sink hole has opened-up near the bridge. He questioned if the sink hole is related to the pit water level in the Canisteo. 

    Foss also noted that former legislator Tom Anzelc, along with several business partners, has purchased the Magnetation Plant 1 in Keewatin and the Jessie Load-Out facility near Grand Rapids. At the same time, Magnetation Plant 2 in Bovey is being sought after by another company for the purpose of stripping the plant and selling everything on the scrap metal market. 

    Public Works Supervisor Kevin Odden updated council members on the Bovey Water Tower where the nine-year cycle is once again upon city crews to drain-down the Bovey water tower this week for inspection and repair. Councilors passed a resolution to give Odden permission to make repairs at the time of inspection to avoid a second drain-down. 

    Odden said the lift station is down to pumping 70 gallons of effluent per minute because the impellers are worn from rocks and debris. The impellers need to be replaced in order to perform to the standard of 120 to 130 GPM. Councilors approved the replacement of the impellers.

    Odden reported that the project of installing an elevator in city hall has come to an impasse. Odden said a self-contained elevator, like the one they have in Bigfork, would not go high enough and the only alternative would be to build a conventional elevator on the outside of city hall which, would alter the historic value of the building. He also mentioned that the civil-defense-air-raid siren on the roof of city hall needs a new base and requested guidance from council members. No action was taken. 

    Loren Nichols made a short presentation from Beautiful Bovey and said that a flea market should be expected in August. 

    It also was reported that the city engineer is busy applying for a CBS Grant to fund road maintenance in Bovey. 

    In other business, the council:

    • Approved a pay raise for Ozzie Williams.

    • Learned that out of 29 blight notices, only two tickets were issued.

Bovey City Council

July 05, 2019

  At the June 17 Bovey City Council Meeting, city officials took action at the request of Jean Cyronek to approve a contract with Northland Portables for six portable bathrooms for Bovey Farmer’s Day.  Cyronek is the organizer of the 108th annual event and she gave a preview to the attractions including an exhibit by the Western Mesabi Model Railway Club, a 5K Fun Run with dogs on Saturday, the National Night Out fire department demonstration on Sunday and a Northern Gear Head Car Show on Monday.   

  Bovey Councilor NanciLyn Meyer-Nail confirmed the submission of an application to the Growing Communities Initiative made possible by the Blandin Foundation and the University of Minnesota Extension.  Two communities in Itasca County will be selected to engage in an intense 18-month program to help them reach their full potential.   

  Beautiful Bovey Vice Chairperson Logan Nichols introduced Shawna Lundquist as this summer’s volunteer worker to water the $1,200 worth of plants on main street.  Nichols said they could possibly have either a craft show or a flea market.

  City Clerk Tara DeGuiseppi told residents a that on the date Aug. 3 several hundred people on bicycles will pass through town while participating in the 15th Annual Great River Energy Bike Tour.  

In other business, the council:

•    Approved the hiring of Officer Dain Peterson on a part-time basis.

•    Voted to cancel the July 5 council meeting.

•    Gave permission to use the City Hall Basement on July 8 and 9 for a cancer victim fundraiser.

•    Approved a building permit for a garage.

•    Noted that homeowners must cut the grass on their respective boulevard.                                                                                 

Bovey City Council

June 13, 2019

 At last week’s Bovey City Council Meeting, City Engineer John Mattonen gave the progress report on capital improvements in the industrial park. Councilors voted to approve Resolution 10-0605 to apply for funding through the state of Minnesota Capital Infrastructure Improvement Program.

    Councilor NanciLyn Meyer-Nail spoke about the Comprehensive Plan where they are taking inventory of what they have accomplished, such as the new blight ordinance, where the Bovey Police now have a follow-up policy on blight complaints and the new abatement standard where the city has a right to enter the property, resolve any blight issues and then levy the landowner for services rendered. 

    In other business, the city council voted to approve an application to the Growing Communities Initiative sponsored by the Blandin Foundation. A news release stated that “Since 2011, Blandin Foundation CEO Kathy Annette has hosted community listening sessions in more than a dozen Itasca area rural communities to better understand a community’s challenges and opportunities.” The communication said two area communities will be selected to participate in an intensive 18-month project with counseling made possible through the University of Minnesota Extension Agency. 

    In other business, the council:

    • Approved a resolution to accept a $500 donation from the Lions Club for a food pantry in City Hall.

    • Learned that Paul Bunyan is not interested in coming to Bovey due to the cost of infrastructure.

Bovey City Council

May 23, 2019

    At last week’s Bovey City Council Meeting, Councilor Deb Trboyevich made a motion to leave the City of Bovey’s Comprehensive Plan as it is for this year. The motion was supported by Councilor Nancilyn Meyer-Nail and the motion was passed. Councilors made an unofficial resolution to break the current comprehensive plan into several small parts and discuss a different part at each city council meeting. 

    City officials received a news release announcing that the Greenway Raider Archery Elementary and Middle School Teams have qualified for the 2019 World’s Open/Championship Tournament scheduled for July 25-27 at Nashville Tenn. Council Members voted to donate $100 to the effort.

    In other business, the council:

    • Voted to give Bovey Police the discretion to write tickets for blight violations. 

    • Tabled any action on a cable television franchise agreement with a non-compete clause.

    • Received a thank-you notice from the Greenway High School Music Department for helping with their class field trip to New York City.

    • Learned that PEIP health insurance for city employees will increase eight percent to $1220.24 per month for one family.

Bovey City Council

April 27, 2019

    At last week’s Bovey City Council Acting Mayor Deb Trboyevich recognized Resident Logan Nichols who proudly reported that the Chili Feed Fundraiser brought in $1,342 for the Beautiful Bovey project and they will probably do it again next year.

    Planning and Zoning Officer Mike Foss gave an update on the Bovey Comprehensive Plan, where a public forum is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. on May 1, before the next city council meeting. Foss is looking for input from citizens on what they would like to see changed in the zoning structure of Bovey. Councilors voted to approve the public forum.

    Attorney John Dimich has researched the possible development of the pond near the Emergency Services Building with the League of Minnesota Cities. The city should have an insurance policy from a private party as well as a liability waiver for the city. 

    In other business, the council:

    • Voted to donate $100 to the Greenway Day of Caring.

Bovey City Council

April 11, 2019

    At last week’s Bovey City Council meeting all members were present as Kevin Odden gave an update about a proposed canopy in front of City Hall to protect the steps from damage caused by freezing. 

    Odden said the Historical Society has constraints on the type of canopy that could be constructed in order for the building to retain its historical status. An added canopy would have to maintain the character of the building which was built in 1891, he said. An appropriate canopy would probably need to have concrete pillars and brick which would be expensive, he said. 

    Mayor Bob Stein reported that councilors discussed city ordinances during the work session and said they want to use the Coleraine city code as a template to restructure the Bovey city ordinances. Stein said to do that they would need permission from the city of Coleraine. 

    In other business, the council:

    • Hired Tim Hoshal and Ozzie Williams part-time in the public works department. 

    • Noted that the number of delinquent utility accounts are dropping.

    • Discussed the possibly of altering the pond near the new fire station.

Bovey City Council

March 16, 2019

 At last week’s Bovey City Council meeting, Cavour Johnson took the podium to ask for support for a project he is involved with. The project has to do with a water diversion plan. Council members voted to approve a resolution that supports the project to create detention ponds and buffers that will protect Trout Lake from the ravages of storm water run-off.

 Public Works Supervisor Kevin Odden wants to plant trees on Trailview along the ball field; no action was taken.

    In other business, the council:

    • Approved a resolution to accept a $1,000 donation from the Blandin Foundation for the benefit of the Beautiful Bovey initiative. 

    • Discussed using the city of Coleraine ordinance as a template to help restructure the city code.

Bovey officials question county on ProCare costs

January 24, 2019

    At last week’s Bovey City Council meeting, Itasca County Administrator Brett Skyles was the guest speaker and proceeded to give council members an overview of what happened in the months prior to the Arrowhead ProCare Insurance Group collapse, which required $2 million to pay outstanding insurance claims. In short, the insurance group was paying out more in claims than it was able to recoup from its dwindling client base. 

    Councilor Deb Trboyevich directed a barrage of questions at Skyles - most importantly: who authorized the payment to Arrowhead ProCare. 

    Skyles said Itasca County Auditor Jeff Walker authorized the $2 million payment. Mayor Robert Stein defended the city on the action of withholding the payment of more than $20,000 to Itasca County because the lack of communication from ProCare caused a crisis for the city of Bovey. Stein said the first he had known anything about this is when ProCare sent a letter that told him that the city would not have health insurance in 30 days. 

    When Arrowhead ProCare ceased operations in the summer of 2018, the sudden lack of insurance coverage sent the city of Bovey and other group members scrambling to find health care coverage for their employees in order to satisfy the union contract.

    In an interview, Trboyevich said ProCare knew it was $1.1 million in the red one year ago in January of 2018, so this had been going on for some time before the city council was informed. When the county asked for $20,000 to cover the losses, this request put a significant burden on the city, which had not budgeted for such a payment. The city of Bovey had raised the levy only 1.5 percent for the year 2019. 

    Arrowhead ProCare was self-funded insurance, which differs from traditional insurance in that the employer pays the claims as they come in and assumes all the risk. The traditional fully-insured employer pays a flat rate to the insurance company and the insurance company assumes all the risk. Employers use the self funded system because they have the potential to insure the employees at a much lower cost.

    In other business, the council:

    • Voted to have two city council meetings per month on the first and third Wednesday at 5:30 p.m.

    • Voted to approve the appointments for 2019.

    • Tabled any action to replace the civil engineer for the City of Bovey.

    • Agreed to the federal standard for reimbursement of .58 per mile.

    • Passed a resolution to allow City Engineer John Mattonen to apply to IRRRB for the 7th Avenue sewer and water project.

    • Voted to purchase a pickup truck with a plow.

    • Gave permission to apply for a DNR grant having to do with the pond behind the fire station.

    • Passed a resolution to resurface the floor of the auditorium in City Hall.

    • Agreed to send City Clerk Tara DeGuiseppi to a clerk’s conference in March.

Bovey City Council

November 01, 2018

 At last week’s Bovey City Council meeting, Beautiful Bovey Chairperson Nancilyn Meyer-Nail gave council members a list of fundraisers being planned by the group over the next few weeks. 

    Meyer-Nail said the first event is to hold a craft fair on the last Friday in November and they have reserved the basement in city hall. The following day the group is planning a wellness workshop with speakers who will address mental health during the holidays. Also, on that Saturday they expect to have a two-hour cooking class demonstrating healthy and easy meals for the holidays and a reflexology seminar. Councilors voted to approve the events and allow use of the community hall at no charge.

    Councilor Deb Trboyevich raised the issue of the proposed police merger and expressed her desire to discontinue the quest to join the Bovey and Coleraine police departments. Trboyevich stated that the police departments of Bovey and Coleraine have different budgets, different union contracts and different wage structures. She suggested that a revised joint powers agreement would do almost the same as a merger. Councilors voted to discontinue the police merger with the exception of Councilor Mike Bibich.

 A representative from the Trout Lake Fire Department brought the council up to date on the condition of the fire trucks. There are two TLFD pumper trucks that are 19 and 20 years old. Aging trucks also carry a higher cost to keep the trucks in operating condition. The pumps and valve gear on the vehicles have cost the TLFD about $20,000 per year. The most cost effective avenue would be to trade in the two trucks and purchase one truck of a later model year. No action was taken. 

     In other business, the council:

    • Voted to pass a new garage sale ordinance. 

    • Noted that the list of delinquent utility bills is dropping steadily. 

    • Discussed the possibility of using an awning in front of city hall to protect the new steps.

    • Discussed abandoning the current zoning ordinances and maybe use the State of Minnesota basic code. 

    • Passed a resolution to limit parking in two specific locations.

    • Voted to hire Jacob Beach as a part time police officer.

Bovey City Council

July 05, 2018

    At last week’s Bovey City Council meeting, Jean Cyronek presented from the Bovey Farmer’s Day committee where they are busy organizing the 2018 Bovey Farmer’s Day. Cyronek said there would be a cribbage tournament this year and fireworks would be visible from the bike path.

    Ben Braff from A+B Productions presented a short film on a laptop computer about making a video on the picture Grace. The press was not allowed to view the film or given access to any specific information. Councilors did vote to take $469 from the charitable gambling fund for the project. Mayor Robert Stein personally donated $500 and Councilors Mike Bibich and Bryan Johnson both donated their council paychecks for the month at $250 each to help fund the video project. 

    Nancilyn Meyer-Nail reported that the Beautiful Bovey group had been collecting scrap metal as a fundraiser since clean-up days. Recently somebody made off with their pile of scrap metal including iron forms that were used for casting curbs. Meyer-Nail said the police have been notified. 

    City Attorney John Dimich gave an update on the fallout from the Arrowhead ProCare Pool financial situation. The bailout loan given to the Arrowhead Procare insurance co-op by Itasca County will be paid back directly proportionally to the number of contracts each plan holder had as of 10-01-17. At this time, it is not known how much money the city of Bovey owes Itasca County to satisfy the loan. 

    The front steps at City Hall are once again in need of repair and that presents a challenge to the city of Bovey because the building is designated as a historical building, which places constraint on how the building can be renovated. Any work on the front steps would need to be approved by the Historical Society. The council took no action on the issue.

    Councilors made a reference to a new school of thought with respect to the recycling depot. Officials mulled keeping the self service aspect, but moving it to a different location. The new location could be the vacant lot on the east side of the Trout Lake Emergency Center (the new fire station). Currently the recycling drop off location is in a residential district and is creating blight issues.

    In other business, the council:

    • Approved the minutes of the special meeting held on May 22.

    • Voted to approve a leave of absence. 

    • Released an invitation to the Great River Energy Mesabi Trail Bicycle Tour which will be held on Saturday, Aug. 4, where they are expecting at least 700 bicycle riders.

Bovey donates to 'Day of Caring'

April 26, 2018

   At last week’s Bovey City Council Meeting, two representatives from Waste Management gave a sales pitch for recycling, which uses a roving truck and special containers for pick up instead of the self service method used today. Council members voted to allow Waste Management send a formal proposal to the city clerk’s office.

    Council members voted to give a $200 donation, from the gambling fund, to the 15th Annual Greenway Day of Caring scheduled for May 17. 

    Day of Caring contact person Patti Rychart responded to an interview request, saying the Day of Caring covers all of School District 316 and the students perform odd jobs such as yard work, painting fences, stacking firewood and so forth. Rychart said they plan to start at the football field at 9 a.m. on Thursday, May 17 and crews of students will be dispatched to various locations.


Volunteers are needed to supervise work groups. The event was organized as an alternative to the senior skip day. More information can be obtained by calling the Greenway High School office at 245-1287.

    In other business, the council:

    • Confirmed the purchase of insurance for the transportation and handling of the picture Grace.

    • Announced the Environmental Protection Agency’s approval of a plan of action for the former gun club property, which is classified as a brown field site. 

    • Announced that a dumpster will be available next to the old fire station in Bovey for two weeks starting on May 19 for Bovey Cleanup Days.

    • Approved the purchase of a new lawn mower.

    • Tabled any action to adopt the State of Minnesota zoning laws.

    • Approved Itasca County’s classification of the Travica Estate property as “non-conservation dispose.”

Bovey City Council

March 29, 2018

 At last week’s Bovey City Council meeting, all members were present when Historical Society Director Lilah Crowe was on hand to speak about the famous picture Grace. Crowe said this year the picture will be 100 years old and expressed the need to celebrate the anniversary. She provided some history of the picture saying that the old man in the picture was a peddler named Charles Wright and later, Wright sold the rights to the photograph to Erik Enstrom for a sum of five dollars.

Bovey Planning and Zoning Official Mike Foss reported from the Western Mesabi Mine Planning Board meeting describing various resolutions passed by the board. The WMMPB has resolved to:

• Take steps to initiate or improve broadband on the West Range.

• Request that the State Legislature would vote to extend the deadline of state funding for the Hill Annex Mine State Park in Calumet.

• Lobby the state to complete the planning and legal logistics associated with the completion of the last nine miles of two lane highway from Taconite to Pengilly, so it will be ready for construction when the funds become available. 

• Ask legislators to amend state law to provide compensation for owners of real estate affected by State Conservation Easements.

• Request the State of Minnesota for help with the problem of flooding in the Canisteo and Hill Annex systems of abandoned mine pits that endanger the Cities of Coleraine, Bovey, Taconite, Marble and Calumet.

 NanciLyn Myer-Nail gave council members an update on Beautiful Bovey saying that plants for 2nd Street have been ordered and bigger pots will be used this year. Myer-Nail said they want to purchase an estimated $500 worth of hardware that will be used to mount the memorial plaques on the street light poles in Bovey. In a related matter, Councilor Bryan Johnson said he would donate $200 for the hardware.

A resident voiced her concern for the community by standing in opposition to the proposed Dollar General store. The resident made a reference to the corporate mentality of using their vast resources to undercut and eventually kill-off the mom and pop businesses in town. Councilors agreed to hold a public forum before they take action on the store.

Also, an unidentified gentleman praised the Public Works Department for their skill and dedication related to snow plowing and removal for this year.

In other business, the council:

• Voted to allow the purchase of a new pipe locator for $755.

• Considered the joint purchase of Coleraine’s new $31,000 bucket truck to have the right to use the truck.

• Voted to not waive monetary limits on tort liability.

• Agreed to support the WMMPB on the Highway 169 four lane project.

• Voted to hire Officer O’Toole.

• Tabled any action on a fence for the recycling depot.

• Considered buying a maintenance contract for the end loader.

• Passed a resolution to determine ownership of the pipe casing under Highway 169.

Bovey City Council

December 07, 2017

At the November meeting of the Bovey City Council, guest speaker Loren Solberg failed to appear on a night of freezing rain in Bovey to discuss support for the Enbridge Line 3 replacement project. Bovey city officials studied the assertions that Enbridge would invest over $2 billion dollars in Minnesota and will create 1,500 family-sustaining jobs while protecting the environment. Councilors then voted to pass a resolution in support of the project.

City Engineer John D. Mattonen gave council members a brief update on the 16-acre former gun club brownfield project saying that the NTS will begin Phase II of the project as soon as the EPA approves the quality assurance plan.

Councilors voted to approve the official job description for the city of Bovey Clerk/Library Director position. A document released by the clerk lists of 18 specific tasks required of the clerk including managing city finances and executing deeds contracts,

agreements and human resources and supervising elections as well as performing any other duty as required by the Bovey City Council. 

In other business, the council:

• Voted to increase the Trout Lake Fire Relief Fund to $1500 per year.

• Passed a resolution to support the Itasca County Hunger Awareness month.

Bovey City Council

October 26, 2017

 At last week’s Bovey City Council meeting, Beautiful Bovey Chairperson Nancilyn Meyer-Nail described the organization’s first Craft Fair as amazingly wonderful and that more people are signed-up for the next craft fair. 

    The fact that the beautification organization was able to have their own booth at this event attracted some feedback from some residents. Some of the locals claimed they had made a blight complaint that was not being enforced. An officer on duty explained that when a person makes a complaint, a report is made by one officer then passed on to another. Residents must not expect a call back from the same officer who took the complaint. Meyer-Nail noted that to make a complaint, call the Itasca County Sheriff’s Office at the non-emergency number of 326-3477. 

 Public Works Supervisor Kevin Odden reported that the grant for $10,000 was approved and he said the municipal well will be serviced probably in December. Bovey will have to rely on the city of Coleraine’s water system for five or six days. Odden wanted to make sure some minor projects are finished when the major sewer and water project is undertaken because the construction company has a $10,000 mobilization fee for each project. At this point, 77 percent of the sewer system is now PVC pipe, he noted. 

    In other business, the council:

    • Voted to approve two liquor licenses and one tobacco license.

    • Agreed to turn on a resident’s water after he pays $1,800 and arranges a payment plan with the city clerk.

    • Voted to spend $95 from the gambling fund to buy advertising in the Greenway Yearbook.

    • Scheduled a public hearing to set the initial levy for December 6 at 6 p.m.

    • Voted to hire Officer Hussman as a temporary fill-in.

    • Added a $5 charge to the sewer and water bill to cover for Minnesota Pollution Control.

    • Tabled a resolution to give permission to CBT Wastewater to run the forced main through one of the MnDOT casings under the freeway. 

Bovey City Council

September 28, 2017

 At last week’s Bovey City Council meeting, Zoning and Planning Official Nancilyn Meyer-Nail gave council members an update on the Beautiful Bovey program and asked council members what they would need to do to allocate money from next year’s budget to keep it going. 

    Meyer-Nail mentioned the fact that the picture Grace will be 100 years old next year and the Beautiful Bovey Committee wants to schedule community events to celebrate the picture and they need ideas. 

    Resident Betty Tahtinen gave council members some feedback concerning the Beautiful Bovey initiative, saying that she has had several people tell her how nice the main street looks. She added that the project is starting to take hold.

 Public Works Supervisor Kevin Odden reported from the city shop that the drawdown rate on the municipal well is increasing and this could indicate that silt is plugging the intake screens. Odden said it would be four to five days worth of work from a well company to restore the optimal rate of flow for the city. He is busy applying for grants as well as seeking other sources of funding to cover the costs.

 Bovey Police Officer Todd Lawson gave a blight report of a specific building that has evidently been abandoned. Councilor Bryan Johnson said the building is an eye sore and could be a public health hazard as animal droppings have been spotted inside the structure. Officer Lawson suggested an ordinance that would prevent people from boarding-up a building and leaving town with no legal consequences. 

 An unidentified resident made an appeal to the council to give him a reduction in his water bill claiming that his water bill is $200 per month even though his water has been shut off. City officials told him they could not waive any late fees because they can’t give special treatment to one resident. The city of Bovey charges a late fee of five percent on delinquent water bills. 

 In other business, the council:

    • Passed a resolution to accept the low bid from Jim Ohman for paving the bike trail.

    • Voted to wax the dance floor in City Hall to facilitate dance classes.

    • Tabled any action with the Itasca County Road Maintenance agreement.

    • Gave permission for Councilor Johnson to research surveillance equipment to monitor the Bovey Recycling Depot. Johnson said a live image could be wired into the clerk’s office to identify rouge garbage dumpers.

    • Set the preliminary levy at a 25 percent increase after stating that the city health insurance premiums are expected to increase 11 percent for next year. That number can be lowered, but not raised, when the city sets its final levy.

Bovey City Council

August 24, 2017

    At last week’s Bovey City Council meeting, there was standing room only as State Rep. Sandy Layman of District 5B was the guest speaker. 

    Rep. Layman gave a rundown of current legislation in Saint Paul touching on the bonding bill, LGA, broad band and captive rail. 

    During the police report, Officer Todd Lawson warned council members that lots of burglaries are being investigated and residents should lock everything including homes, cars and other valuables.

 In other business, the council:

    • Introduced McKenzie Russell as the new Bovey police officer.

    • Discussed the turnaround time for building permits.

    • Considered adopting the state of Minnesota basic code for planning and zoning.

    • Tabled any action on the Itasca County Maintenance agreement.

Bovey City Council

July 27, 2017

     At last week’s Bovey City Council Meeting, Planning and Zoning Representative Nancilyn Meyer-Nail gave an update on ‘Beautiful Bovey’ where a sponsorship program is underway. Residents can become involved by sponsoring a lamp post of their choosing. Residents that donate at least $125, will have an inscribed plaque permanently affixed to the lamp pole. Meyer-Nail said some people are claiming a street light pole in the memory of a loved one. Applications can be found in the lobby of City Hall.

    City Clerk Tara DeGuiseppi released the minutes of a July 5 special meeting when council members voted to approve $600 for a beacon alarm at the pump house and allocated as much as $12,000 to repair a section of Red Rock Drive including curb, gutter and blacktop.

    In other business, the council:

    • Awarded a sealed bid for the Kortekas lot. The property was sold for $1,250.

    • Approved a cooperative road maintenance agreement with Itasca County.

    •Passed a resolution to support Itasca County in removing the underground gas tanks at the spur station.

    • Agreed to hire a part-time police officer.

    • Approved leasing the old fire hall to Mike Kilborn for $100 per month.

    • Voted to accept the 2017 Small Cities Grant.

    • Discussed who is supposed to mow the boulevard.

    • Discussed whether they should hold two city council meetings per month or have special meetings as they are needed.

    • Voted to send a letter to Itasca County concerning taxes on some contested property.

 • Approved the overlay job on 7th Ave. between 2nd and 3rd streets. 

Bovey City Council

June 29, 2017

    At last week’s meeting of the Bovey City Council, officials heard from a number of guests regarding various issues.

    Committee member Jean Cyronek updated the council of planned Farmer’s Day activities. It was noted that parking could be a problem this year. The sarma fundraiser is scheduled for July 12.

    Following a presentation from Kelly Chandler of Itasca County Public Health on e-cigarettes, councilors opted to support the Itasca County Clean Air Quality Act. 

    The council also heard a presentation from Nancilyn Meyer-Nail on the Beautiful Bovey initiative, which includes plant watering and volunteering within the city.

    In other business, the council:

    • Approved the minutes of the May 17 council meeting.

    • Authorized moving forward with new electronics at the city pump house at a cost of $4,855.

    • Passed a motion to approve and renew annually the insurance rider for volunteer workers.

    • Passed a motion to amend the city’s Sunday liquor sales ordinance.

    • Passed a motion to contribute $1,500 to the cost of Cotton Park lifeguards.

    • Voted on a motion to return to two council meetings per month. The motion failed 3-2.

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