Marble City Council

October 29, 2020

    At the Oct. 19 Marble City Council meeting, officials noted that the city received an email from Madeline Black of 120Water, headquartered in Indianapolis. The email stated the EPA’s final Lead and Copper Rule Revisions will likely be issued in the near future, and will come with new expectations for utilities across the country. The email broke down the main requirements of the proposal and the city was asked to look them over and reach out with any questions. 

    The city will also call the county about a hole on the bridge that needs to be fixed.

    AE2S representative Eric Appelwick was present and briefly went over the monthly water report. There was a discussion on the city’s sludge pump. It either needs to be rebuilt or replaced. The city is waiting on quotes for both options.

    City Engineer Jeremy Schwarze spoke to the council about the water tower. The environmental report is 95 percent completed. When the report is finished, the city needs to apply for USDA money. An IRRRB application has already been submitted. Repairs to the current tower would cost $650,000 and a new tower will cost $1.2 million. A new location for the water tower was also discussed along with a DEED small cities grant. Pre-approval is needed by Nov. 17. The council anticipated pre-approval will be handled at its Nov. 9 meeting. 

    In other business, the council: 

    • Approved the regular meeting minutes and bills/payroll for September 2020.

    • Councilor Al Guddeck said he spoke with Joe Dasovich and asked him to attend the next meeting.

    • Noted that the Greenway Fire Department gun raffle was held Saturday, Oct. 17 and was virtual.

    • Approved Jen Eck as a new library board member. 

    • Approved donating two computers to the library.

    • Noted that Santa is scheduled to make an appearance Dec. 19. The council needs to decide whether to have the event at the community center this year. The matter was tabled until the Nov. 9 meeting.

    • Approved liquor licenses for Ron’s Korner Liquor and Hannibal’s Bar and Grill. 

    • Discussed overdue utility accounts. Door hangers will be placed at these homes directing residents to call the city office by Nov. 9. 

    • Discussed the skating rink and that it needs to be flooded. The warming shack will need to be closed due to COVID-19. A motion was made/passed to hire the same employees to flood.     

    • Scheduled a meeting to discuss insurance for Nov. 4 at 3 p.m.

    • Discussed whether or not the city could use CARES money to purchase a gas powered golf cart for the street workers (they asked for one). The street crew needs another vehicle because they can no longer be in the pickup cab together due to COVID-19. The council would rather get a Ranger rather than golf cart for the street crew. The matter will be looked into further.

Marble City Council

August 20, 2020

    At the August meeting of the Marble City Council, Rob Sjostrand from the Small Business Development Centers addressed the council about $1.5 million business grant funds that were available to local businesses who need financial help due to COVID-19. The Itasca County Board approved the concept and application will be a lottery-based system. Information is available at Applications will be posted on the website Aug. 25-27 and processed during September.

    The street crew reported that new pumps were installed and that they were told to use heat tape on the community center roof vents to eliminate a snow problem this winter. The council also reviewed the monthly report.

    City Engineer Jeremy Schwarze gave updates on the final plans for the County Road 80 project. The street crew addressed some culvert problems they would like addressed. Schwarze said he would talk to county officials about this matter. 

    Schwarze also addressed cost differences between a basin and tower for the water tower, which were largely the same. The council directed the city engineer to keep the plan as is and look at a tower. He told the council that the IRRRB could possibly help with 25 percent of the water tower project cost. The city would need to pass a resolution and then apply for the monies. The council will pursue this at its September meeting.

    In other business, the council:

    • Approved the regular meeting minutes and bills/payroll for July 2020.

    • Discussed possible uses for CARES money that the city received ($50,779.00). 

    • Approved to purchase an electronic message board. Eck Signs gave the city a quote for $7,995.00. These funds might come from the CARES money the city received. A resident who attended the meeting urged the city to ask about the operating system the board uses. The city would need to make sure it was compatible with its computer systems.

    • Discussed forfeited lots that were available for purchase. the city decided to purchase the following lots: 94-410-0102 for $3,000 and 94-410-0340 for $1,500.

    • Discussed pay increases of $50 per council member and mayor and $150 for the treasurer. The motion passed. Mayor Daidre Breen opposed the motion. Council member Chris Parks was not present to vote.

    • Noted the city-wide rummage sales for Calumet and Marble will be held Saturday, Sept. 12.

Marble City Council

July 30, 2020

    At the July meeting of the Marble City Council, officials discussed getting new stump grinding bids. The contractor which usually performs this service is unavailable this year. There also was a short discussion on the County Road project. Everything is proceeding smoothly.

    Jeremy Schwarze, project engineer at Benchmark Engineering, attended the meeting to discuss the water tower. He introduced the possibility of getting a land basin instead of a tower. The council decided to obtain quotes to see if a land basin or tower would be cheaper.

    Nashwauk Chief of Police Joe Dasovich attended the meeting to report the department has been giving out blight tickets. Blight tickets that are not paid will be sent to the court system. He says the policemen are enjoying patrolling in Marble. 

    In other business, the council:

    • Approved three out of five zoning projects. The other two are pending approval.

    • Finalized the plan map for the Highway 169 project.

    • Approved the sale of unused tree gates found by city street crews.

    • Discussed adding blacktop or concrete to the skating rink. It was determined, however, that the project would be too costly.

    • Discussed the vent pipes on the roof of the community center and the screens on the outside fans. The council decided to have the street crew inspect them and see if they are the cause of leaking in the building.

    • Approved the donation of an old copy machine, printer and fax machine to the Taconite American Legion.

    • Approved the regular meeting minutes and bills/payroll for June 2020.

Marble City Council

June 18, 2020

    At the June meeting of the Marble City Council, officials discussed a couple holes on the county bridge (East end of town on Ethel Street) that comes into/out of town. Clerk Sarah Litchke will call the county to repair the holes.

    Councilor Al Guddeck noted that he talked to a resident who was trying to dump (non-burnable) items at the burn pit. Guddeck asked if there is anything the council can do to prevent people dumping non-approved items there. The council didn’t have an answer and will discuss at a later time.

    Mayor Daidre Breen noted that the next fire board meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, June 9. Mayor Breen and Councilor Guddeck were planning to attend. It also was noted that the last time the helicopter landed at the ballfields, there was notable damage. During the discussion, it was brought up that the helicopter was asked to land at the fire hall parking lot or at the Marble School playground, but landed at the ballfield instead. The council will write and send a letter to the Sheriff’s Department addressing the issue.

    The council discussed a possible fence that was put up without a permit. A member of the zoning committee said it was a dog kennel and not a new fence. The council and zoning committee will look further into the issue.

    City officials let meeting attendees know supplies/maintenance tools were ordered to finish the ballfields. Funds for this project were obtained from donations and a matching grant from the Minnesota Twins.

    In other business, the council:

    • Approved the regular meeting minutes and bills/payroll for May 2020.

    • Noted that AE2S sent its monthly wastewater report. Nothing out of the ordinary was reported.

    • Listened to a resident’s concern about a dead tree behind his house that is on city property. He offered to cut it down, but the council said they would have the city employees take a look and take it down.

Marble City Council

May 14, 2020

    At Monday’s Marble City Council meeting, Jeremy Schwarze from Benchmark Engineering spoke to the council regarding the watertower project. He told the council the next step was to get ready to apply for a Rural Development Grant. To do that, the city would need to approve preparing an engineering report which will cost approximately $25,000. Mayor Daidre Breen stated she wanted to move forward with the project and the council approved a motion to allow Benchmark Engineering to move ahead with the report.

    City Clerk Sarah Litchke gave the council an update on the Highway Project. She said she received a letter from Josie Olson stating the next step for the city was to schedule a public hearing. The council set the date and time for the hearing to be June 17 at 5:30 p.m.

    Sarah Carling was in attendance and spoke to the council regarding projects the city would like to see completed. She asked the council to set up a meeting to push the projects forward. A meeting was scheduled for May 20 at 3 p.m. Carling suggested the council speak to Kootasca to see if they could provide any assistance.

    The council reviewed the monthly waste water report send by AE2S. And, a motion was passed giving AE2S permission to hire out the engineering study that has been discussed at previous meetings.

    The council discussed possible layoffs at the library due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Officials would like to talk with the librarians to discuss options. Library Committee members Merry Lee and Sarah Litchke will set up a meeting with the librarians.

    Clerk Litchke stated she received a call asking when the park will be reopened. The council said they need to wait to see what Governor Walz says in the upcoming days.

    The council approved a motion to spend up to $2,000 on stump removal and approved minutes of the April council meeting.

Marble City Council

March 19, 2020

    At the March meeting of the Marble City Council, approved the regular meeting minutes, bills and payroll for February 2020.

    A representative of the Boys and Girls Club spoke to the council. She says there are currently 750 memberships and about 150 kids attend the club daily. She thanked the city for its support.

    The council briefly discussed purchasing new Christmas light decorations. The city has 22 decorations currently, but could manage with 14. The council showed the attendees a snowflake decoration that they looked into purchasing. The council suggested looking into granting before making any decisions. It also was noted that Street Supervisor Mark Castellano’s official retirement day was March 11.

    The Nashwauk Police Chief sent a letter to the council stating that the police presence would be more visible soon. The department had a few officers on sick leave, but will be back up to full force soon.

    The council approved a request from the Greenway Fire Department for a liquor license for their upcoming Gun Raffle on May 2. 

    First Call for Help, which responded to 29 calls in Marble within the past year, requested a donation. The council approved a donation of $250.

    An income survey letter will be sent with the April utility statements. The survey will be anonymous and is needed for the city to receive certain grant funding. The council asks all residents to fill out the survey and return it in the city drop box in front of city hall. 

    A copy machine was purchased from Xcel Business Systems for the clerk’s office. The council discussed a request from Calumet for a joint city-wide rummage sale. 

    The council approved to draft a letter to Trina Stanley for rental violations. One of Stanley’s rental properties (206 Sadie Street) has had over three police calls. Due to an agreement with the city, Stanley must either evict the renter or lose her rental license. It was noted that Stanley is in agreement with the city and will do whatever is needed. 

    The city received $3,000 from Greenway High school and $1,000 from Taconite Legion for use of the ballfields. the council is looking into a Minnesota Twins grant which matches funds. Mayor Daidre Breen said she would like to see the work on the ballfields completed.

Marble City Council

February 27, 2020

    At the February meeting of Marble City Council, officials approved a motion to give a right of access permit for the Highway 169 project. The project is a restructuring of Highway 169 between Marble and Pengilly. One of the projects is to close the access to Ball Street from Highway 169. This former Ball Street entrance would be turned into a shared use path (wide enough for a 4-wheeler). The right of access permit allows bore samples to be taken of Ball Street.

    City Clerk Sarah Litchke informed the council that when the city purchased the front end loader from John Deere, invoices were not sent to the city. In turn, the city did not pay. A motion was approved to pay John Deere $1,502.30 for the past invoices.

    Darren King was present to discuss his welding business potentially moving to Marble. The building he would like to purchase is on Alice Ave. near city hall. He wanted to make sure the building was zoned commercial before submitting an offer. He also told the council that welding is a noisy business and wanted to know of any concerns the council had. The council said they support the business moving to town, but said King should talk to his “neighbors” and discuss noise issues with them also. 

    Councilor Al Guddick and Doug Learmont spoke to the council about the Hill Annex. They said that the city of Marble is not a member of the Parks Advisory Group. A motion was passed to send a letter to the group stating the Marble wishes to be a member. The group would then send the request to the state legislature. Councilor Merry Lee expressed interest in representing the city at meetings.

    Clerk Litchke asked the council to sign an agreement to start an investment policy for the water tower fund. The council passed a motion to start an investment policy.

    The city received a letter from Itasca City Attorney Matti Adam requesting the city to sign a municipal prosecution agreement between The Itasca County Attorney’s office and the city of Marble. It was stated that an agreement hasn’t been in place since 2015. The city agreed to sign the agreement and pay the $1,000 fee.

Marble City Council

January 23, 2020

    At the first regular meeting of the Marble City Council in 2020, Sarah Carling from CEDA was in attendance and spoke to the council about the finalized priority list which was a result of the brainstorm session that took place last month. She said the priority list is basically a wish list of projects that the city would like to see completed. The council discussed setting up another meeting to discuss the finalized priority lists.

    Joe Zeleznikar of Greenway Township was present and asked the council’s input on possibly building a new building which could store both the township and city equipment. Both buildings are in need of updates. The council agreed that a new building is needed. The council will look into grants available for the project and will meet to discuss a proposal and cost analysis. 

    One of the two pumps located at the lift station on Johnson Ave. went out. The street commissioner got a quote for two new pumps at a cost of $41,947.20 (Minnesota Pump Works). The council thought it was a good idea to get two while they were fixing one because it was a better price in the long run.

    Engineering and Consulting Firm AE2S was in attendance and said last month ran smoothly at the waste water plant. They discussed the need for updates and repairs that will be needed soon. They said they would like to get ahead of the issues rather than “waiting for something to fail.” AE2S proposed that the city approve spending $28,000 on a plan that would be put together by engineers and other professionals. The council agreed that updates were needed and approved the request.

    The Nashwauk Police Department submitted a report listing all the calls they responded to. Around half of the calls were to Silverwood Apartments largely for such matters as disturbances and parking complaints. The city will send a letter to the landlord of Silverwood Apartments.

    The council discussed a property that already built a building without a permit. The building is not in compliance with the city’s zoning laws. The council will contact the resident and let them know they need a proper permit and what they need to do to make the building compliant.

    Mayor Daidre Breen read the list of annual designations which included the Scenic Range NewsForum as the official newspaper. The council passed Resolution 2020-1 to accept the designations.

    In other business, the council:

    • Approved the regular meeting minutes and bills/payroll for December 2019.

    • Passed a motion to update the computer in the Clerk’s office to Windows 10 for $300.

    • Noted receipt of a resident’s letter to the council, which stated that since he does not live in the city limits, he doesn’t think his utility bill should include the charge for police. The council discussed the issue saying that the resident uses and pays for the city water/utilities, but didn’t know what the legalities of the situation were. The matter was tabled until further information is obtained.

Marble City Council

November 21, 2019

    At the Nov. 12 Marble City Council meeting, officials approved a repair for the wastewater treatment plant. The repair will fix a void in the bottom of a trough and will cost $3,250.

    The city sent blight warnings on Oct. 31 to residents. The warnings stated residents had 14 days to address the blight issues. On Nov. 13 a second round of blight notices were sent out.

    The council also approved liquor license renewals for Hannibal’s (on/off sale) and Ron’s Korner (off sale).

    A discussion was held on whether or not to purchase a postage meter. The matter was tabled until next month, pending a determination if there would be a significant savings for the city.

    A resident asked about the structure of the railroad bridge on the east side of town. County Commissioner Ben DeNucci, who was in attendance, said he would check on the issue and report back to the council.

    In other business, the council:

    • Approved the regular meeting minutes for October 2019 along with payment of bills and payroll for October 2019.

    • Noted that Santa will deliver candy bags on Dec. 21.

Marble looks to Nashwauk for policing services

September 19, 2019

    At last week’s meeting of the Marble City Council, Chief Joe Dasovich of the Nashwauk Police Department spoke to the council. He said the Nashwauk Police Department was open to a contract where they patrol 20 hours per month in Marble. Dasovich said that he would propose a contract in to the Nashwauk City Council and after review, it would come back it to the city of Marble to sign.

    Dasovich told the council that the Itasca County Sheriff’s Department does not enforce blight tickets and the city would need a local police department to do that, which is one of the main reasons the city began exploring this option. The city asked Dasovich to enforce speeding and ticket illegally parked cars in the winter, along with enforce blight tickets. It was also noted that the 20 patrol hours per month could be adjusted as needed.

    The council approved a building permit for a deck pending Zoning Committee approval. A motion was also made to accept a variance submitted to the city for a fence that has already been constructed.

    The council set a proposed levy of 10 percent. Officials told those attending that this is a proposed amount and it has to be set high because the final levy cannot be higher, only lower than the proposed levy. The meeting for the final budget is set for Dec. 9, following the regular council meeting.

    A letter was read asking the city to adopt a resolution designating Oct. 15, 2019 as Infant Loss Remembrance Day. The council made a motion to accept the resolution.

    One resident asked the city to bring in a surveyor to let him know where his property line is. He is concerned about a cement slab that is deteriorating and wants to know if it is his responsibility to replace or the city’s. The council stated that they would not hire a surveyor - that would be the resident’s responsibility.

    Officials discussed hiring a carpenter to fix a leak in the furnace room. They want the issue fixed before winter. They decided to call the carpenter that installed the siding to ask if he could take a look and give them a quote. The insurance company also will be called about the issue.

    Clerk Sarah Litchke asked the council if they could take $5,000 out of the water tower fund and start a fund at Edward Jones that would give them a better interest rate. The council approved the request and noted that the money would be housed in a separate water tower fund.

    Mayor Daidre Breen said that A-Z Electric found some LED lights that would fit in the current ballasts of the lights on the outside of city hall. The current lights are not LED and a few having not been working. The council approved the purchase of the LED lights.

    In other business, the council approved the minutes for August regular council meeting and approved payment of current bills and payroll.

Marble City Council

August 22, 2019

    At last week’s Marble City Council meeting, Street Supervisor Mark Castellano said he talked with bike trail officials about possibly installing a gate at the end of Ethel Street that leads to the bike trail. Castellano said they already have the gate and asked for permission to install it. The gate would keep vehicles larger than ATVs off the bike trail. The council approved the request.

    The council discussed four properties in town that put up fences/decks without permits. Some of the property owners were in attendance. A short discussion was held about the issue and the property owners that were present agreed to purchase permits and sign variance agreements.

    Sarah Carling from CEDA (Community and Economic Development Associates) was in attendance. She introduced herself and asked the council to set up a brainstorming session where they could discuss goals and a wishlist for the city. A meeting was set up for Sept. 4 at 5:30 p.m. The public is welcome to attend the meeting.

    Mayor Daidre Breen read a letter from Minnesota Energy stating that Minnesota Energy will begin a project that will automate the process of reading city gas meters. Within the next few weeks, contractors will be installing equipment on utility poles and performing work on gas meters. All workers will have identification badges and vehicles bearing the name/logo of the contract company. Breen noted that if residents see “strange men” around town/yards they can ask to see identification badges.


    In other business, the council:

    • Listened as the mayor thanked the Fire Department for coming out to National Night Out and doing a demonstration.

    • Noted that the library received their annual library funds.

    • Approved a permit to add on to a fence, contingent on the zoning committee approval.

     • Approved discussion of the levy at the September council meeting. A meeting to discuss the 2020 budget also was scheduled for Aug. 28 at 5 p.m.

    • Acknowledged a thank you letter from the Itasca County Historical Society thanking the city for its donation.

    • Acknowledged a letter concerning the proposed County State Aid Highway 80 construction project (CSAH80). The project is scheduled for 2020.

    • Approved an agreement with Greenway High School, which will pay the city $3,000 per year to use the city ballfield.

    • Approved a liquor license for the Greenway Area Community Fund, which will host Oktoberfest on Oct. 5 from 5 to 10 p.m. in the Community Center. Officials also approved a $200 donation to the Greenway Area Community Fund for advertising.

    • Discussed the possibility of a new truck for the city. The current truck with a plow is a 2011 and has 56,000 miles. They are looking for a comparable size vehicle and possibly a new Boss plow.

    • Tabled a discussion on mailing ballots until the next meeting.

Marble City Council

July 22, 2019

    At the July 8 Marble City Council meeting, Mike Strodtman from Minnesota Rural Water spoke to the council concerning the wellhead protection plan. He informed the council that the wellhead protection and emergency response areas have decreased in size since the last assessment 10 years ago. He added that the wells have a high to moderate chance of contamination and gave the council some recommendations to inform the next amendment of the wellhead protection plan.

    The council approved a permit requesting a privacy fence, pending inspection by the council.

    National Night Out also was discussed. Mayor Daidre Breen asked the council how plans were coming along. The event will take place Aug. 6. Hot dogs, chips and ice cream will be served. The council recommended that the committee make posters to hang around town advertising the event.

    The new Marble entry signs were discussed. Both signs carry a cost of a little more than $16,000. The council discussed options to lessen the cost. A motion was made to purchase the signs from Eck Signs.

    In other business, the council:

    • Approved the regular meeting minutes, bills and payroll for June 2019.

    • Passed a resolution 07-2019 to accept the annexation of land on Johnson Ave.

    The Itasca Historical Society requested a donation of $1 per Marble resident. The council approved a donation of $100.

    • Noted that the Mesabi Bike Trail Tour will go through Marble on Saturday, Aug. 3.

    • Listened to a member of the zoning committee, who requested the council write an ordinance concerning people putting up fences with no permits. There are four properties in town that put up fences without permits, two of which do not meet city requirements. The council will discuss the issue further at a later date.

Marble City Council

June 20, 2019

    At last week’s Marble City Council meeting, Street Supervisor Mark Castellano asked the council to hire a summer employee to mow. The council informed Castellano that an ad has already been placed in the newspaper.

    Two members of AE2S were in attendance at the meeting. They gave a brief overview of how the waste water plant is doing and reported the logistics are working well. There were a couple issues, however, that need to be addressed. The two also asked for an operating budget so they could purchase small things to keep the plant operational when repairs are needed. The council decided to get them a credit card with a $2,000 limit and also told them about various local businesses with which the city has a charge account. A new motor is needed at the plant and Robert Staydohar had already ordered it. The council asked Castellano if he could help put the motor in. Castellano agreed.

    Local resident and business owner Ed Eck provided the city with some different options for city of Marble Signs. The council took a vote among themselves and among the meeting attendees and they decided on a sign. The council will get a price quote on the signs before purchase.

    The council discussed a resident request of lower utility payments when they leave for the winter. The issue will be discussed further at a later date.

    A member of the Sheriff’s Department was in attendance. The council asked him questions about blight and how to proceed if residents received blight notices and didn’t clean up. He responded that the Sheriff’s Department can’t enforce city ordinances, but to contact the city’s attorney to discuss options. The council also asked for his thoughts on getting law enforcement presence in the city. He suggested contacting Sheriff Vic Williams to see if the city could get an officer for an eight-hour shift once a week on various days.

    In other business, the council:

    • Approved the regular meeting minutes and work session minutes from May 2019 along with the bills and payroll.

    • Noted that a fire board meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, June 11.

    • Approved two building permits.

Marble City Council

May 23, 2019

    At last week’s council meeting, Marble Street personnel Mark Castellano and Sam Kolar told the council that there is a culvert that needs replacing on Eckman Ave./Kate St. The two reported the culvert is not repairable. The council suggested they ask the township for use of its backhoe and to try replacing it themselves. 

    Castellano and Kolar also noted that there are at least three water shut-offs in town that need to be replaced. The council decided to call Casper Construction to get these fixed. They also asked the council if it was possible to purchase brown leaf bags for residents to purchase and require the residents to use the bags if they wanted their leaves picked up. The council asked Castellano and Kolar to purchase bags, which will be available for sale in the city office. Residents also can purchase the bags at local hardware stores. It was further decided that leaf pick-up would only be available on Mondays.

    County Commissioner Ben DeNucci was present and spoke to the council about County Road 80, which is scheduled to be redone this year. He asked the council’s opinion on the project. Mayor Daidre Breen said that she would like to “see the whole thing” redone instead of just 1.2 miles. 

    DeNucci told councilors that an Itasca County Strategic Planning will be held at the end of the month. He also said he would like to hold a town hall meeting for Marble residents to discuss their views on county business matters such as a new jail. 

    In other business, the council:

    • Approved the regular meeting minutes for April along with a work session. They also approved the bills and payroll for April 2019.

    • Agreed to sign a contract with AE2S to contract them for the wastewater plant.

    • Discussed the Greenway Fire Department purchase of a 2009 six-man cab engine with a 1,000 gallon tank.

    • Approved new library board member Margaret Cavanaugh.

    • Approved a request for a resident to build a fence, under conditions that the setback is within the city specification. Council members will take a look at the property/plans.

    • Discussed the need to hire an engineer for the water tower project. The council reported the cost of a refurbished tower would be around $450,000 and a new one would be around $700,000-800,000 and that it would be a two-year process. A motion was passed to hire Benchmark Engineering.

    • Discussed 18 “seriously delinquent” utility accounts. The council passed a motion to send out registered letters giving residents 10 days to pay their bill or their water will be shut off.

    • Discussed the need to meet with the union representative to update and reword employee contract language.

    • Listened to a resident, who requested replacement of a “no dogs allowed” sign for the park. The previous sign was stolen.

Marble City Council

January 24, 2019

    At the January meeting of the Marble City Council, officials welcomed new council members Chris Parks and Merry Lee.

    The council approved the regular meeting minutes for the December 2018 meeting and work sessions. The council also approved the bills and payroll for December 2018.

    SEH sent the council a reappointment letter. While Street Supervisor Mark Castellano told the council that the new pump, motor and check valve for the pump were ordered and installation has begun.

    The council met Friday, Jan. 18 with a party who is a possible replacement for city employee Robert Staydohar. This meeting was scheduled to gather information to possibly contract with him.

    Itasca County Sheriff Vic Williams and Sergeant Kris Miller were in attendance at the meeting. Williams addressed the council on “What can we do differently” in reference to the city not having law enforcement.

    Williams said that the Itasca County Sheriff’s Dept. has 27 “road guys.” There are five to six working a shift at a time. Each shift covers 3,300 square miles and different sergeants will be assigned to the small towns that don’t have law enforcement. 

    Sergeant Kris Miller will be the sergeant working with Marble as a liaison. Miller is familiar with Marble and its residents and looks forward to working with the city. Mayor Breen would like to sit down with Kris to make sure the city has its “ducks in a row” in reference to ordinances, etc.

    One resident asked Williams if the city could hire a security officer instead of a cop. Williams responded the city could do that, but the officer could not make an arrest. He/She could enforce ordinances and but it would be a liability for him/her to carry a firearm. The council said they look forward to working with Sergeant Miller.

    In other business, the council:

    • Approved the list of annual designations.

    • Noted the state of Minnesota may get rid of some bypass lanes and add center turn lanes in places along Hwy. 169. Municipal consent forms explaining the project along with pictures were given to council members. The issue was tabled until next month so the council can go over the paperwork and provide any suggestions for the project.

    • Noted the League of Minnesota Insurance Trust dividend was received in the amount of $1,696.

Marble City Council

August 23, 2018

    At last week’s Marble City Council meeting, Shawn Mulhern from KLM Engineering was present. He began his presentation by thanking the council for hiring them to do an inspection on the city’s elevation water tank (water tower).     

    Among other things, the firm tested for lead and chromium and found that levels are good. There were, however, many concerns. Among the main concerns are: the footing/foundation is crumbling; and sunlight is showing through the tank.

    Many modifications are needed to make the tower/tank OSHA compliant. He gave the council options of purchasing a new tower or re-coating the current tank. Mulhern said something needs to be done in the next three to five years. Once the city makes a decision of what they want to do, he said KLM will work with the city to suggest funding options.

    Later in the meeting, two men who use the baseball field regularly wanted to make the council aware of the deteriorating conditions of the grandstand, press box and dugouts at the field. The structures have been there since the 1970s and are in a state of disrepair. Many safety issues and concerns were raised. Mayor Daidre Breen is checking into available funds to update the structures.

    Also last week, Kim Venema talked to the council and attendees about the Greenway Area Community Fund being formed. They would like to hold an Octoberfest Fundraiser at the Community Center on Oct. 6. The council approved use of the hall and also discussed other things the GACF needed to do before the fundraiser.

    In other business, the council:

    • Noted the need for an alternate delegate for Municipal Utilities Association following the departure of Tracey Schwartz. Councilor Joe Schmidt volunteered and was appointed.

    • Scheduled a special closed meeting for Sept. 7, 2 p.m. to discuss Robert Staydohar’s pending retirement.

    • Noted that the fire department will be holding a gun raffle / fundraiser on Sept. 22 from noon to 10 p.m. at the Fire Hall. The council approved a liquor license for the event.

    • Approved a permit request for a resident at 201 Jesse St. to make an existing porch a screened in porch.

    • Reported that city officials met with Mediacom representatives and found out the agreement is non-exclusive. It is a TV cable contract only. The council approved signing a new contract.

    • Approved a bid for $20,990 from Nelson Builders for labor to put new siding on the Community Center. 

    • Noted a request to hold the 2019 National Night out in Marble. The council said a committee needed to be formed to contemplate the issue.

Marble City Council

July 19, 2018

    At last week’s Marble City Council meeting, city employee Robert Staydohar requested a special meeting for his pending retirement at the end of 2019. He would like to meet with the council to help them with a job description. The council is looking into the option of hiring a replacement for his position and also is considering subcontracting the position out. They will hold a further discussion on the matter at the September council meeting.

    The council also held a short discussion about the telecom agreement expiring on Sept. 18, 2018. Paul Bunyan is not an option for the city. There was some concern from some of the meeting attendees. The city will contact Mediacom and request a representative attend the next meeting.

    The council approved a request from City Clerk Sarah Litchke to cancel the city credit card in former Clerk Tracey Schwartz’s name and allow a new one to be issued with Litchke’s name.

    In other business, the council:

    • Approved regular meeting minutes from June 11 council meeting and closed meeting minutes from June 26. The council also approved payment of bills and payroll for May/June 2018.

    • Noted that Street Supervisor Mark Castellano met with the state on July 8th about the well protection plan. 

    • Noted that the Greenway Fire Department will hold a gun raffle in September.

    • Approved three building permits out of a total of six requests. 

    • Noted that the Great River Energy Mesabi Trail Bicycle Tour has requested volunteers for a water stop in Marble on Saturday, Aug. 4. Volunteers are needed for two hours. The water and cooler will be supplied.

    • Approved commencing a bidding process for the siding project at city hall. The job will include removing old siding, nails and Tyvek, if needed, and to install new siding.

    • Denied a request from Itasca County Historical Society for a donation.

Marble City Council

June 20, 2018

     At last week's meeting the Marble City Council, Street Supervisor Mark Castellano said that the city’s No. 2 well was in need of an inspection. He added that the water tower is scheduled to be inspected June 21 and that the No. 2 well might have to wait. The council decided that the water tower is more critical. The city will proceed with that inspection and schedule the No. 2 well inspection at a later date.

    The council voted to allow Castellano to attend the Minnesota Wastewater Operators Association 42nd Annual Conference to be held July 24-27 in Grand Rapids.

    The council discussed and approved the Minnesota Pump Works quote for air release valve replacement in the amount of $5,002.90. Two valves that were originally installed in 1979 are in need of replacement. These valves push water from Twin Lakes to Silverwood. 

    In other business, the council:

    • Approved the regular minutes of May 14 council meeting and approved bills and payroll for April/May.

    • Noted that a Fire Board meeting would take place on June 12 at 5 p.m. in Calumet.

    • Approved permits for an 8’ x 8’ deck and a garage.

    • Tabled discussion on the Mediacom franchise agreement, which expires on Sept. 18, 2018.

    • Noted that the sawdust pile activity will again be held July 1, 2018, at 1 p.m. in the park.

    • Voted to reimburse Cary Anderson $600, which was assessed for mowing his lawn. Anderson told the city that every time he went to mow his lawn, it was mowed already. He thought a neighbor was mowing it and didn’t realize it was the city. 

    • A question was brought up as to how many garage sales a person could have in one year until they should be considered a business. The council agreed to look into the matter.

    • Noted that the city would follow up in regard to blight letters that were sent out. If the resident hasn’t complied, tickets will be issued.

Marble clerk resigns

April 19, 2018

At last week’s meeting of the Marble City Council, Mayor Daidre Breen read a resignation letter from Clerk Tracey Schwartz. Breen thanked Schwartz for her years of service and the council accepted the resignation. A new clerk will be appointed until Dec. 31, 2018. Anyone looking to fill the vacancy on a permanent basis will need to apply to be on the ballot in November. The council is conducting interviews for the temporary clerk position this week.

Street Supervisor Mark Castellano provided an update on the siding issue with the community building. He talked with Dave Latvala of Latvala Lumber, who reported that the siding that was used to side the community building has been recalled. Latvala advised Castellano to take pictures of the community building where siding was falling off and send the pictures in along with a form in order to apply for a refund. Latvala said there is similar siding available that the city could use to repair the building. 

Castellano also commented on all the tree stumps that need to be removed. The project is out for bids. He noted that the lawn mowing tractor needs to be updated in order to do summer mowing. The council gave Castellano approval to price out new ones.

In one final point of business, Castellano told the council he would be attending a retirement seminar. This is his 32nd year as a city employee and retirement is in his near future.

In other business, the council:

• Noted that Greenway Fire and Rescue will be holding their spring gun raffle on Saturday, May 5 at the firehall. 

• Agreed to speak with the fire chief regarding smoking in the fire hall.

• Approved regular minutes of Feb. 12, 2018 and bills/payroll for February 2018.

• Approved a permit for a fence contingent on if it lies within the permitted area.

• Noted that the city will provide a dumpster this year again outside of City Hall during clean up week. 

• Passed a motion allowing an old restaurant on Highway 169 to be put up for auction. 

• Listened as Councilor Al Guddeck thanked the large group of meeting attendees.

Marble City Council

March 22, 2018

At last week’s meeting of the Marble City Council, officials discussed the continuing problem with the siding on the community center. The siding has been recalled. The city will fill out paperwork for the recall and is looking at comparable siding to fix the problem.

Clerk Tracey Schwartz reported that she spoke with Dave Bily from Itasca County again in regards to addresses for some properties in town. There were a few parcels that he had questions regarding addresses.

Mayor Daidre Breen commented that neither she nor any of the council members will be knocking on doors for blight tickets as it is a safety issue. The city is still mulling the possibly of hiring a blight officer.

The council approved a proposal from KLM Engineering, Inc. regarding water tower maintenance. Street Supervisor Mark Castellano reported that switching to this company would save the city money. The agreement is for a 12-year period.

In other business, the council:

• Approved regular minutes of Feb. 12, 2018 and bill/payroll for February 2018.

• Noted that there will be a gun raffle at Greenway Fire and Rescue on Saturday, May 5, 2018.

• Passed a resolution in support of funding for US Highway 169 in order to construct a four-lane connection between Taconite and Pengilly.

• Approved a $100 donation to the Greenway Post Prom.

• Approved language changes in the Edwards Jones contracts. Minor wording revisions were made regarding investments.

• Approved a request by Castellano to attend Water School on May 7-9.

• Noted that the city would not accept bill payment with credit cards due to the bank fees.

Marble City Council

February 22, 2018

At last week’s meeting of the Marble City Council, officials noted that residents living around Highway 70 and County Road 12 have signed a petition in hopes that Greenway Fire Department will be able to take over the area’s fire calls. Currently, Trout Lake Fire Department responds to calls in that area, but local residents think that the response time is too long and that Greenway Fire Response will be quicker since they are closer. Greenway Fire already responds to medical calls in that area. No action was taken on the matter.

Teri Osterman attended and spoke at last week’s meeting. She was hired to look through the city’s bookkeeping to make sure everything is balanced correctly. The books are balanced through January 2018. There was a small issue with investments not tracking to schedule 1, but it was resolved. Patty Rychart was also in attendance and Osterman explained what she needed to do to correct the issue.

In other business, the council:

• Approved the regular minutes of Jan. 8 council meeting along with January bills and payroll.

• Discussed water tower maintenance. Street Supervisor Mark Castellano found a company that does maintenance work on water towers and will cost the city less. The council tabled the issue until next month to check into its contract with the current maintenance company.

• Authorized Robert Staydohar to attend an MCPA Conference from March 21-23 in Brooklyn Park, MN.

• Adopted Resolution No. 02-12-18, designating Greenway Township Hall as the official election venue.

• Tabled an issue regarding minor language changes in the city’s investment reporting. The council will check into these changes to make sure they are correct.

• Discussed the issue of American Bank closing branches in Calumet, Hibbing Walmart and Super One in Grand Rapids. 

• Removed a rink attendant from the rink schedule due to absenteeism. 

• Discussed possible annexation of land to city. There are six properties along Twin Lakes that the city already plows and maintains. The council will explore the matter further.

Marble City Council

December 21, 2017

At last week’s meeting of the Marble City Council, officials addressed a number of routine items of business. 


• Approved regular minutes of the November 2017 council meeting and approved payment of November bills and payroll.

• Conducted a brief discussion about the city’s fire contract and noted that it would be set at a flat rate. Mayor Daidre Breen noted that there is an open position on the five-member fire board. The open position was previously held by the fire chief, but it was decided that he should not be a voting member.

• Authorized Mayor Breen to attend the Greenway Township Meeting for the purpose of discussing the annexing of properties on Johnson Avenue.

• Noted that the city will be sending letters out addressing blight issues.

• Approved annual liquor licenses for Ron’s and Hannibals.

• Named the Scenic Range NewsForum as the city’s legal newspaper.

• Decided against hiring Joe Gould as a lobbyist for the city.

• Approved a $100 donation to ElderCircle.

• Declined a request for a donation from the Greenway Area Recreation Fishing Tournament.

• Approved a $200 donation to the Greenway Fire Department for them delivering the candy bags. The donation will be funded from charitable gambling.

• Adopted ordinance 12-11-17, a fencing ordinance.

Marble reviews calendar parking policy

November 16, 2017

    At Monday’s meeting of the Marble City Council, officials provided an overview of how the city’s calendar parking works.

    Signs posted on main street indicate there is no parking between the hours of 2 and 6 a.m. New signs posted for side streets state no parking on odd side of streets on odd calendar days and no parking on even side of streets on even calendar days.


Councilors noted that if you see the city plow one side of the street, move your car to the plowed space to avoid getting trapped by snow moving efforts.

    In other business, the council:

    • Approved the regular meeting minutes of Oct. 9, 2017 along with October bills and payroll.

    • Noted that Library German cooking classes will be held throughout the winter months. Contact Tanja at the Library to sign up (247-7676).

    • Tabled a fence ordinance issue until the December meeting.

    • Listened to an update from Molly McGregor of the Minnesota DNR regarding Hill Annex Mine. 

    • Thanked people and organizations that donated to the city in 2017 including; Dan Binet, the Blandin Foundation, Donald Booth and Joan Herman.

    • Discussed a letter from Joe Gould, who is offering lobbying services at the state capital. The council was interested and will reach out for further discussion.

    • Accepted the six qualifying applications for rink attendants. 

    • Authorized purchase of a quarter page ad for $95 in the Greenway High School yearbook.

    • Passed a motion to not waive the Minnesota League Liability Coverage.

    • Discussed the annual Christmas Party. Councilor Margaret Cavanaugh asked the council if they would like the Girl Scouts to host the annual city Christmas Party again this year. The council agreed and a motion was made to donate $350 for the sleigh rides. The date has yet to be set for the event.

Marble City Council

October 19, 2017

    At the Oct. 9 meeting of the Marble City Council, Greenway/Taconite Baseball coach Dan Persons was present and thanked councilors for the work that has been done on the baseball field. Windscreens and yellow tubing have gone up. 

    Persons also noted that some more tubing was needed and asked the council if they could help. He asked the council if they could help pay the bill on the work that had already been completed. The Greenway Baseball Association paid $900 of the bill already. The council asked Persons to get a quote on the tubing needed and have a complete bill made up to the city. Once the documentation was submitted, the city will pay the cost. There are funds that were raised for the baseball field, which will be used to pay the bill.

    In other business, the council:

    • Approved regular minutes of the Sept. 11 council meeting and payment of September bills/payroll.

    • Authorized Street Supervisor Mark Castellano to get quotes on some steel to fix a hole in the box of one of the city’s trucks. Castellano also met with RGGS about putting gates up near the bike trails (going out of the city) so cars cannot get down there at night. RGGS said a survey would have to be done. The council did not approved a survey so the gates issue will not be pursued further.

    • Noted that German cooking classes are starting again. Those interested should contact Librarian Tanya Smith to register.

    • Approved a building, pending inspection by a zoning committee member, to allow a front porch entry to be built. It was also noted that the city wants to change the city map to comply with the new ordinance book that was adopted.

    • Directed City Clerk Tracey Schwartz to send a letter to the owner of a local mobile home park regarding blight. The city will give the owner 10 days to have it cleaned up or face possible legal action.

    • Renewed the Compudyne contract and authorized payment of the bill. The software they provide is a T10 firewall that keeps viruses out of the city computer system.

    • Discussed the city’s investment policy. Before making a motion, the council will get input from Patricia Rychart on the issue.

    • Noted that it was time to advertise for rink attendants. Applications must be submitted by the Nov. 13 council meeting to be considered. Applicants must be 16 years of age or older.

    • Conducted a short discussion on calendar parking. The city wants to get signs to display the information but has yet to determine sign wording.

Marble City Council

September 21, 2017

    At last week’s meeting of the Marble City Council, a heated discussion was held between members of the council and the owners of Silverwood Apartments, who attended the meeting. 

    The council has in the past repeatedly voiced concerns to the owners because the city has been receiving numerous complaints.

Concerns include air quality, proof of registered pets, securing the building, camera and others. Councilors told the owners that the city will be strictly enforcing city ordinances in regards to the property. The owners were given copies of the ordinances and said they want to work with the city to alleviate the concerns.

    In other business, the council:

    • Approved regular minutes of the August council meeting and August payroll and bills.

    • Authorized SEH to move forward with mapping city streets pending communication with the IRRRB. The cost for mapping the streets is estimated between $5,000 and $6,000.

    • Approved a raffle permit and liquor license for the Greenway Fire Department event on Oct. 14.

    • Noted that the Marble Library will be closed Sept. 18 to do inventory. Preschool story hour will begin Sept. 20.

    • Noted that letters were sent to both Nashwauk and Bovey Police departments with regard to a requested proposal for police protection/issuing blight tickets.

 • Approved a preliminary 28.5 percent increase to the city’s 2018 levy. That number could be reduced, but not increased, when final levy numbers are adopted by the city. The city has a budget session scheduled for Sept. 28 at 5 p.m.

Marble mulls blight, law enforcement sharing

August 24, 2017

​   At last week’s meeting of the Marble City Council, there was a short discussion about when the city should begin ticketing for blight issues. 

    The council decided to table the issue until they can have a discussion about possibly purchasing some law enforcement hours from the city of Nashwauk. 

    Nashwauk Mayor Ben DeNucci was in attendance at the meeting and asked the council to send a letter to Nashwauk to let them know what level of service the city is looking for, along with stating three to four ordinances that the city of Marble would like them to address when patrolling. 

    Marble would like Nashwauk to notify them of its hourly rate in order to determine what the city can afford. The city of Calumet also is considering a similar partnership. 

    In other business, the council:

    • Approved regular minutes of July 2017 council meeting and the July payroll.

    • Noted that the city’s water tank will need to be painted within the next five years. The council will have to add $15,000 to $20,000 to the budget to cover the cost. The issue was tabled until the next meeting.

    • Noted that the fire department received its check from the city of Marble for its quarterly payment.

    • Approved a building permit to remove some patio brick and put in a sidewalk.

    • Tabled a decision on funding supplies needed for the baseball field. 

    • Noted that Blue Cross rates would increase about 11 percent. The increase will mean about $500 more per month will need to be budgeted. 

    • Listened to Casey Venema, who introduced himself as a candidate for County Commissioner District 5.

    • Discussed the possible shut down of Hill Annex State Park. Doug Learmont urged the city to be more involved as much of the land is within Marble city limits. 

Marble City Council

July 13, 2017

    At the July 10 meeting of the Marble City Council, a number of routine items were addressed.


    • Approved regular minutes of June 12, 2017 and June payroll/bills.

    • Noted that local girl scouts will deliver blight notices to residents. These notices will contain a general blight list regarding items that should be cleaned up.

    • Delayed action until next year to get a new map done of the underground pipes. Waiting until next year will allow it to be budgeted. 

    • Discussed a local resident's concern that there should be a flagpole at the city ball field. A councilor was approached by a resident with the request. Councilors agreed that in order to move forward, a formal request would need to be made to the council, as well as identification of funding sources. No action was taken. 

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